As you are all probably aware, Oracle released new database version named 12c a few days ago, on 25th of June to be exact. It's the time of reading and researching new features, testing and developing. So I'm starting with this entry and installing a single instance. I intend to keep writing as I try more complex installations and upgrades.

OK, lets's start. I'll install a single instance 12c database on Oracle Linux 6.4 64-bit. As storage, NAS will be used, so no ASM therefore no GI will be installed. First step after the Linux installation is completing operating system configuration. Easiest way of achieving this is installing pre-install package. In 12c documentation it's said to run the command below as root to install package:

$ yum install oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall

However mentioned package cannot be found on ULN. Instead install previous version's pre-install package. It does the job as well:

$ yum install oracle-rdbms-server-11gR2-preinstall

Create installation directory and grant required permissions:

$ mkdir /u01
$ chown oracle:oinstall /u01
$ chmod 775 /u01

As oracle, which is created by pre-install package, run the installer from the directory where you unzipped two installation zip files:

$ ./runInstaller

Graphical installation starts:

Skip updates

You can choose to create a database right after software installation or you can choose to install software first then run DBCA to create the database.

Select system class:

Select GI option:

I choose to follow advanced installation path to see what is there:

Select language(s):

Select database edition to install:

Specify installation paths:

Specify inventory directory:

Select database type:

Specify database name. As a new feature, you can choose to create a multi-tenant database.

Configure database by specifying memory options, character set and sample schema installation:

Specify storage, I set the path of mount point of NAS disk:

Specify Cloud Control details if you'll manage the instance through it:

Choose to use FRA and set path -or ASM- for FRA:

Set passwords for built-in users:

Set system groups:

Investigate summary and if there's anything you need to chance:

Installation starts. Run the root scripts when prompted:

12c DBCA

If you choose to install software only during installation or installation failed to create the database - as I've experienced - you can run database configuration assistant (DBCA) which is located under ORACLE_HOME/bin:

$ cd /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/bin
$ ./dbca

Graphical installation starts:

I choose to follow advanced installation path to see what is there:

Select the template of database type:

Set database names including container database:

Choose to configure database with EM Database Express (previous version's dbconsole) or with Cloud Control:

Set passwords of built-in user:

Set listener configuration, leave it as default:

Set storage specifications:

Set database options:

Set initialization parameters for memory management, number of Oracle processes, character set and connection mode:

After pre-requisite check installation starts. When finished, necessary information is displayed:

Enjoy and discover your first 12c database...