If you're an Exadata admin, your title becomes DMA (Database Machine Administrator) instead of DBA. Since backups are routine tasks of every DBA, scope of what to backup extends a little bit when it comes to Exadata. Beyond the databases, you need to backup hardware also.

So, let's start with infiband swithes. Before configurations changes or updating its software it's a good practice to backup them. There are 3 things to backup and actually it's a really simple thing to do.

Here are the steps for firwware version 1.3.3:

1. Login to switch's ILOM interface. There should be an https address for that
2. Click on the "Maintenance" tab an then "Backup/Restore"
3. Select "Backup" as operation and "Browser" as transfer method from the drop downs
4. Write a passphrase
5. Click "Run" button and save the XML output.
6. For the next item to backup logon to switch through ssh
7. Take a backup of the file opensm.conf under /etc/opensm/ directory to somewhere else. 
8. Last to backup is the output of the commad: version

Don't forget to repeat steps for other infiband switches too:)